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           The End of the Summer

We hope that you had a wonderful summer!  I will miss those few special days at the beach. 

While September and the Fall season are typically busy times of the year, it is often helpful to perform a financial check-up to see what you need to accomplish before year-end. For example, you may need to refinance a mortgage, complete a Roth conversion, fund your IRA or SEP, update your retirement projection or tend to other planning needs. Please call to schedule a meeting to help answer your questions.

Twelve Reasons to be Optimistic

by Scott P. Noyes, CFA® CFP®

History suggests that, barring a catastrophic event, the next 12 months should see last year’s stock market rebound continue.  The Dow Jones Index opened the year at 10,428, made it to a high of 11,205 on April 26th, followed by a low at 9,686 on July 2nd, a high to low swing of 1,500 points. Now we are back to where we opened the year at 10,400 – basically unchanged.  We have worked very hard to go nowhere in the stock market this year and feel like we have been through a meat grinder......

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Deflation Anxiety by Scott Noyes, CFA® CFP®

There are many signs that the US economy has started moving from an inflation based economy to a no-flation or deflation based economy. This will require a major attitude adjustment for many Americans. 

Long held assumptions regarding how the economy works and how people should run their financial lives are coming under question.  I call it deflation anxiety......

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