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Perseverance Pays Off!

Meet our friends Jorge and Olga Aguilar.   We have known them for over twenty years and helped sponsor Jorge for his green card.   It took them over 15 years to become US citizens. They now have families, successful jobs and complain about taxes.  We are proud to know them.

The "New Normal" Economy Continues  
by Scott P. Noyes, CFA® CFP®

It appears that a long awaited market correction started in mid January.  The question is whether it will be a manageable 10% setback or more.  My best guess is that the correction will not be too severe because:

  1. The economy is improving – albeit not up to past historical standards.  Multiple economic indicators are improving and suggest the end of the recession is upon us. ........

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Roth IRA Conversions have Become a Sales Gimmick by Scott P. Noyes, CFA® CFP®

The Wall Street selling machine has a new gimmick – Roth IRA conversions. Commission brokers, insurance agents, media pundits and yes, financial advisors, are creating all sorts of fantastic reports and models that tell you why you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA.  You should consider if there is a hidden agenda from the firm or advisor making the recommendation – typically to gather your assets. While Roth conversions make sense for some investors, they are certainly not right for everyone.

BE CAREFUL!! - Roth conversions are ....... 



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