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Investment Portfolio Design

We believe that:

Nobody can consistently predict the future.

One of academic theory’s primary tenets is the idea that nobody can consistently predict the future and neither can stock prices. The best way to deal with the future is to plan and prepare ahead of time.

Diversification works

Another tenet of MPT is that a portfolio composed of several asset classes will experience fewer price movements and less volatility than more concentrated portfolios--even though the more diversified portfolio will inevitably include some losing positions at any given time.

Day trading is a losing strategy

We do not believe in “day trading” or short-term timing of the market with individual securities. While there may be nice winners, it ends up as a loser game.

There is a business cycle and Bull and Bear Markets

Strategic Asset Allocation over the business cycle can be used to reduce portfolio volatility.  At Noyes Capital, we believe that flexible asset allocation and low transaction cost investments will generate superior results over time.

Portfolio Design

Our portfolio design requires substantially more effort than the so-called "buy and hold" strategies used by many securities firms and advisors. We use our investment experience and discipline to strive to maximize and protect investment returns during all stages of the business cycle.