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Your Investment Policy Statement

In order to ensure that every client’s goals and financial needs are clearly defined, a document called an “Investment Policy Statement (IPS)” is created to direct how your investments are to be managed. Our "prudent investment process" is designed to achieve long-term investment goals, and is based on five core principles:

  • Identify Your Unique Needs and Objectives - We perform a careful assessment of your individual needs and aspirations, and evaluate you based on your investment time horizon, liquidity needs, desired rate of return and tolerance for risk.

  • Create an Asset Allocation Roadmap - We create a strategic long term asset allocation for your portfolio to ensure suitable diversification and flexibility. This analysis lists investment choices, allocations and theoretical returns. We use special software to find the right portfolio blend for your risk tolerance. This process delivers a detailed blueprint for your investment plan.

  • Formulate a Written Investment Policy Statement- We document this plan in a formal Investment Policy Statement (IPS), thereby assuring that all parties know and agree on investment goals, objectives and parameters. Your IPS will focus on issues such as risk tolerance, return objectives, time horizon, cash flow needs, taxes and other client-specific parameters.

  • Select Quality Investment Managers - We perform extensive research on mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other investments. This enables us to quantitatively and qualitatively identify the best match for your investment objectives. Our goal is to identify those managers we believe have sustainable track records of consistently outperforming their respective benchmarks without taking unjustifiable risk. 

  • Continuous Portfolio and Manager Monitoring - Once your portfolio strategy has been implemented, we begin ongoing due diligence of the managers in the program ensuring that they adhere to the philosophy and investment style for which they were selected. We also monitor portfolios for imbalances that may arise as the market shifts to favor a sector or asset class.

Our process is a disciplined, continuous cycle of planning, implementing, monitoring, and refining - a cycle we believe helps to ensure success in attaining your overall financial objectives. We believe that by using anticipatory asset allocation portfolios consisting of low cost individual securities, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, bonds and tax-exempt products, our clients can secure above-average portfolio returns over time.